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Thread: copying backend

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    Mike B

    copying backend

    hi all.... i am trying to figure out if it is possible to have a a command button that will select the backend db of the current db.....copy it and then send it to either the floppy disk or to a zip drive.....anyone ever done this???

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    Re: copying backend

    Hi Mike, you can use the FileSystem object in VBA to copy the file to a selected destination:
    <pre>FileCopy("NetworkPathBackend.MDB","H:Backup.M DB")</pre>

    (or whatever the applicable filenames are)

    You can also use the commandline add-on with WinZip to have it zip and save the backend to a specified location (if you want it zipped). For that, you can use the Shell command:

    <pre>Shell("WZZIP ....",vbHide)</pre>

    I'm not sure of the exact syntax for the Winzip commandline process - you can read about it in the helpfiles.

    Hope this helps....

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    Mike B

    Re: copying backend

    thanx Mark *S*

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