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    Outlook freezes at startup (Outlook 2002)

    I get the following error message when I attempt to start Outlook:
    Outlook failed to start correctly last time. Starting Outlook in safe mode will help you correct or isolate a startup problem in order to successfully start the program. Some functionality may be disabled in this mode.
    Do you want to start Outlook in safe mode?
    If I click "yes", Outlook will start. Microsoft advises that I can check to see which items have been disabled by going to Help>About Microsoft Outlook>Disabled Items. When I do this it says that NO items have been disabled.
    If I click "no", Outlook will freeze on startup. If I click "yes", run Outlook, close the program, begin it again, it will freeze on startup.
    I am bewildered. Anyone else have this problem?
    Thank you very much.
    Alan Silberlight

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    Re: Outlook freezes at startup (Outlook 2002)

    Try to open in Safe Mode, then Click Help | Detect and Repair.

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