I've been running Outlook 97 for years. I recently acquired ACT which needs Outlook 2000 to merge email. Last night I 'upgraded' to Outlook 2000. It brought in my folders, my contacts... but not my address book. The 'import' was grayed out on File for address book, except to contacts. Like an idiot, I hadn't made a backup of my address book, so... (okay, okay... I know this was dumb) I uninstalled Outlook 2000, thinking I'd just go back to running Outlook 97, at least until after I got a copy of my address book made, even if by hand.

Well, Outlook 97 refuses to open. Got the following message: Unable to load the info service PSTPRX.DLL. When I go to Mail/Fax in Control Panel, it doesn't look like anything's there... but my .pst files seem to be on the hard drive.

I'm now officially a crazy person -- since my life is in Outlook, folders and address book. Should I re-install 2000? Is there any way of fixing 97 so everything goes back to the way it was? (I'm running Win 98 if that makes any difference). Any help anyone can give will be forever appreciated.

I'm going off to cry now.

Lisa (who can read replies online sent to awriter@bellatlantic.net)