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    Change the "Edit with" HTML editor

    By default, the "Edit with" button links to Word and Notepad. How can I change this to Dreamweaver (or any other HTML editor) ?

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    Re: Change the "Edit with" HTML editor

    Tools/Internet Options/Programs tab/HTML editor & use the dropdown box.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Change the

    You also can add options to Windows for the relevant file extensions, for example, when you right-click an HTML document in Windows Explorer. There is a bit of risk involved in playing with these settings, but if you want to try it: open Windows Explorer, choose Tools|Folder Options..., click the File Types tab, scroll to hypertext documents (mine says Netscape Hypertext Document; this obviously is not the IE default), and click the Edit... button.

    Now, you can inspect the program used for any of the actions by selecting that action and clicking the Edit... button. What I have done is the following:

    Click the New... button, name the action Edit in WordPad and enter the following command line (including the " marks):

    "C:Program FilesAccessoriesWORDPAD.EXE" "%1"

    Click OK twice to get out of FileTypes. Now, when you right-click an HTML document, you get quick access to a much more useful, yet still relatively lightweight, editor.

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    Re: Change the "Edit with" HTML editor

    That's the point. Only Word and Notepad will appear in the dropdown box.

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