We have IE/Word configured to "Browse in same window" so that when we click on a link to a .doc file from within IE the Word document opens in that same IE window.

We use Word's internal links to click forward through the Word document. This works fine, always staying in the same window. However, when we try to go Back through the links using the IE Back button, sometimes we go back to the previous link(s) and sometimes we right away go all the way back to the page that has the original link to the .doc file.

We have not been able to detect the pattern that determines when the Back button keeps us in the Word document and when it takes us all the way out except that when it keeps us in we also see a history in the drop down list next to the Back button and when it sends us out we see no history list.

The links in the Word document(s) are all configured using the 'Named location in file' text box in Word's Edit hyperlink dialog.

Any ideas how we can get the IE Back button to consistently take us back through the internal links in the Word document?