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    Caption and styles (Word 2000)

    I've created a style in word I want to use with a caption that is attached to a table in my document. My document is using the auto numbering for paragraphs and sub paragraphs. The caption option will only allow me to use heading 1 through 9 . The style I creted doesn't show up in the list. Why not?????

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    Re: Caption and styles (Word 2000)

    The options in the dialog box will only let you refer to Heading1 through Heading9. If you make field codes visible (Alt+F9), you will see that Word creates 2 fields for a caption that includes chapter numbering, for instance

    <font face="Georgia">Table { STYLEREF 1 s } - ( SEQ Table * ARABIC }</font face=georgia>

    The 1 after STYLEREF means that it refers to Heading1. If you refer to Heading2, you would see STYLEREF 2, etc. But in fact, STYLEREF can refer to any style by replacing the number by the name of the style, e.g.

    <font face="Georgia">{ STYLEREF MyStyle s }</font face=georgia>

    The catch is that you have to do this manually. After changing it, hide field codes (Alt+F9) and update the displayed value (F9).

    Note: if the name of your style contains spaces, enclose it in quotes:

    <font face="Georgia">{ STYLEREF "My Style" s }</font face=georgia>

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