I've been teaching Works 4.5 for quite a few years now, finally decided it was time to install the Works 2000 upgrade that we got a while back. It seems as though they have removed some very handy features. For instance, in Works 2000

1. There is no 'Keep with Next' option for paragraphs to keep a heading from being on a separate page from its following paragraph
2. There are no styles (Works 4.5 wasn't nearly as good as Word for styles, but at least there were some basic things you could do)
3. There is no way to customize your toolbar
4. There is no way to automatically come up to a blank word processor document directly--you always have to go click 'Start a Word Processor Document' to start typing. No big deal, but on some of our computers it takes about 15 seconds to finally get to the blank document. Is there any way to get directly to a blank page by saving your Workspace, as you could in earlier versions?
5. Pressing Control-F6 doesn't switch you between documents.

Are these things hidden away someplace? I've tried searching through the Help files, but haven't found any answers to the above problems.