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    XP Wierdness Opening New Document (XP Professional)

    At least one of our new Dell Computers with XP Pro does something very peculiar and annoying. When you click on the Office Toolbar to start a new document it immediately tries to access the floppy drive which makes a rather loud and annoying noise since there's no disk in the drive. What can it possibly be looking for and why does it do that, any clues? Now, we are using Microsoft Office Professional 97 which was designed for Windows 95 or 98 but otherwise it was working ok.

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    Re: XP Wierdness Opening New Document (XP Professional)

    The most common cause of this symptom is that someone has previously opened a document directly from the floppy (or saved a document there).

    Can you check the files on your Documents menu and in words Recently Used file list to see if any of them point to the A: drive?


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