They had just set up a demo unit at my local computer store and the moment I laid my hand on it I knew I had to have it. I don't play a lot of first person games, but when I do, I find my left hand gets really cramped using the keyboard. This USB device is a customized gaming pad designed for your left hand. While your mouse is doing the pointing and clicking, your left hand is controlling the other actions. In addition to regular game controls, it also comes with some kind of voice communications for playing networked games. I didn't test this feature.

It comes with a complete set of controls for various games, but you can customize it for whatever game you have. Feeling a bit ambitious, I decided to see if I could customize it for another appliction. I programmed some macros into the buttons for the MS newsreader (which is normally very mouse intensive). It worked like a charm.

So, if you play a lot of first person shooters and have about $65USD burning a hole in your pocket, check out Thrustmaster's Tacticalboard. If you don't play a lot of games, take a look anyway because I'm hoping that this will lead to a lot more ergonomic devices on the market (maybe someday we'll have a really ergonomic keyboard we can really afford).