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    Charts & Graphs (2000)

    Hi All,
    I have developed a database for a client that holds data on each days production and now they would like a bunch of management reports. I have a fair amount of experience creating reports but I have no experience with graphs or charts. I have been asked for a Pareto chart and tables, bar graphs, and control charts.
    Does any one know of a good book on Creating Access Graph reports and Chart reports. Any advise would help because of course they want them yesterday. Ahh ya gotta love them clients.

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    Re: Charts & Graphs (2000)

    Microsoft has a sample database that demonstrates how to use charts in a database and how to modify them in VBA. It is for Access 97, but it should work in Access 2000 after conversion. You can download it here.

    The MSKB has instructions on creating a Pareto chart: see Q208373/

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