I have a main form frmVendors.
On this form I have a list box lstVendors.
Additionally, I have a tab control TabVendor with two tabs Vendors and Services.
On the Services Tab I have a subform 25100-frmServices-MainForm-Tab.
Within this Subform is another Tab Control TabServices.
And on this Tab Control is a subform 25300-frmServices-List-Entries which is a list of services for the vendor.
Starting from tblVendors, tblServices-Categories and Services. these are linked one-to-many and one-to-many.
Additionally, there is a list box lstServicesCategories. and the tab control. to select various categories of services for that vendor.
My client has groups (Categories) of services. Each group is a list of subservices i.e. Category Clean Water Clean up-subservices would be 1 truck 1 man, dehumidafier hours etc.
Another category could be Sewage cleanup (Yuk) with various services associated with that category.
Well, the lstServices Categories works when opened and viewed as the bottom form but not when viewed from the mainform.
On the form 25300-frmServices-List-Entries when I try to link it to Services-CategoriesID it a message says I am entering too complex of express. This then does not add the key to the record.
Well I've been batting my head against this all day-Help!
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