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    Can Refresh be automated? (6)

    Several prospective customers of my company have required recently that we bid in an online auction. In order to see the bid status of our competitors we have to repeatedly refresh IE. Is there a way to automate this so there are automatic refreshes every 15 seconds or so?
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    Re: Can Refresh be automated? (6)

    I haven't seen this in IE, but I did notice it while using Opera 6.0x. Since Opera is free (at least the tastefully unobtrusive ad-supported version is), you could use Opera for this purpose. Opera also gives you the choice of a MDI or SDI (Multiple or Single Document Interface) for viewing multiple web pages - useful if you're monitoring several auctions at once.

    You could also script this, but I'm not sure that's practical in this case. I've got an HTML page with a frameset that loads a stock chart page automatically every few minutes, since that wasn't an option at the chart site.



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