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    Can grow or shrink a control on a form? (2002)

    I'm creating a form to use as a template for a letter.
    I don't want to use a report as a form suits my purpose better.
    I have a memo control: body.
    Below it these are controls: closing and signature.
    On a report there is can grow and can shrink.
    Is there anyway to duplicate this functionality.
    If in the body control there is only two sentences it would shrink to that size and pull up the bottom controls like a report does.
    As always your help is much appreciated.
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    Re: Can grow or shrink a control on a form? (2002)

    There is no equivalent built-in can grow/can shrink for screen display, although there is for printing. You can write code to do this for display but it is not trivial.

    I can't imagine why a form would be better suited to your purposes than a report. Reports are made to be printed, so they include the kind of functionality you're looking for. It is possible to print forms, but it is not really what they were intended for.

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