I have just upgraded my motherboard, survived the trauma of the "blue screen of death" and re-activation by "upgrading XP in place". I have ended up, after re-updating various drivers, with the basic Windows XP that I had before I upgraded to XP Sp1 and prior to upgrading the motherboard. Everything looks fine EXCEPT that I have completely lost my DUN. I have tried the "Repair" option from the XP CD-Rom twice and it still hasn't come up. The icon is not under My Computer, My Network Places, or anywhere else and I can't find the application by searching all the hard disks. I can't find it by searching the registry (although I don't really know what I am looking for). It is ticked under Windows Components (all are ticked). It is ticked under TweakUi.... I can find an Internet Connection applet under the Internet Explorer 6 folder but it doesn't work properly. I am not sure if I have the IE 6 update on file or if it has gone back to the original IE 6.0 but when I try and re-install IE 6.0 it says there is later version on file and stops.

Until I get Dial Up going I can't get either my 56k modem or my ADSL modem going under Win XP (I can connect either under Win 98 which is how this message is getting out.... I have a dual boot system but the Win 98 installation is very basic and my video card is not compatible with it.

I did do a System State backup before I upgraded the the motherboard but restoring that just gives me the "blues screen of death" again.

I want to avoid, if at all possible, setting up a fresh installation of Win XP because, presumably, I will have to reinstall all my hundreds of applications which will take weeks. Besides, I only have an Upgrade WinXP CD and if it upgrades with all my settings I am no better off.

Has anybody got any further ideas?