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    XL97 File Unretrievable from Floppy (97 (NT4 OS))

    A week ago I cleaned a couple of Excel 97 files off my hard drive, onto a 3 1/2 in floppy which already contained various files. The copied files came from my hard drive's My Briefcase folder. I used the procedure, in the My Computer view right-click and drag the file to the A: drive icon, then select copy (or was it move??) from the resulting shortcut menu.

    Now, I cannot open either Excel file ( one is 65K, the other is 235K ). The floppy drive grinds a good long time, then produces a message box saying,
    Error Copying File...
    Cannot copy [name of file, without an extension]: Error performing inpage operation.

    I am now trying to rebuild the My Briefcase folder (which I subsequently emptied of all files...). My hope is that My Briefcase does something special to files saved there, and the files moved/copied from there have to move back into My Briefcase in order to work once more.

    Does anyone have any insights what to do, or where I should search for help?

    Thanks very much.

    John Simkins

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    Re: XL97 File Unretrievable from Floppy (97 (NT4 OS))

    Cross-posted and already answered here in General Windows Solutions

    To avoid thread divergence, all further responses there please!

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