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    'Access Pioneers Tell All' on MS Web Site (All)

    For Access trivia fans, the MS Office web site has a new page that will appear thru 16 OCT as part of the "10-year celebration for Access" (their phrase not mine) that will feature "a series of articles from Access insiders who were there when Access 1.0 was built." To quote from the site:
    <hr>Get the inside story of Microsoft Access from the people who made it happen. Access experts and members of the Access 1.0 product team share fun facts from the early days, opinions about which features had the biggest impact, and other insights into what made (and still makes) Access a great database product. See how it all began.

    Check back often. We will post new stories several times a week through October 16, 2002. <hr>
    Of course some of this is the usual self-promotion, but the individual articles, according to disclaimer, "are the views and opinions of the individual authors and not of Microsoft and Microsoft has not undertaken any independent verification thereof." For those interested, (Steve In Kent need read no further), here is link to site:

    Stories from Access Heroes


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    Re: 'Access Pioneers Tell All' on MS Web Site (All)

    LOL.... Whatever makes you think i'm not a fan ? <img src=/S/innocent.gif border=0 alt=innocent width=20 height=20>

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