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    IE6, SP1 (

    WWWxp indicates we should all rush out and pick up IE6 SP1. The execution file brings up an app. for downloading 11megs of stuff or 7 megs of stuff (customized). I can't believe that an update to patch problems and holes takes that much ...what else is this going to add to my machine that I don't already have, nor may not want. Oh for the love of CPM programmers. I'll forego this patch as I have most of the others. I don't need more features. I've got so much crap on my machine now that everybody says I should have, I don't have room to defrag a hard drive. Time to cut bait and find something better.

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    Re: IE6, SP1 (

    Hi Tresscott-

    IE6 SP1 can be downloaded separately from XP SP1 but it is included in the two versions of XP SP1. The reasons for getting XP SP1 and IE6 SP1 are mainly security patches. There is A large security exploit is fixed by SP1 and MS lists 317 other fixes that are included in XP SP1. You should fix the large hole if you don't download SP1--it takes seconds; and the first link tells how. If you have the space, I would by all means go on and download SP1.

    Here are 89 KB articles SP1 has spawned. Most of the comments I have seen here are favorable to the way it has been running--you can do a search. I'm not sure the good old days you long for will be back--Windows XP has approximately 56 patches and 75 Security Bulletins--not counting IE or other applications since the XP launch.
    There are a lot more people taking pot shots with exploits than there were back then.

    If you really want to defrag your hard drive optimally, you need approximately 30% free space to do it, and it is my take that most people pay little attention to that and that defragging the hard drive, the MFT, and the page files is done much too infrequently. Here are some useful defrag references and a good defrag book.


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