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    Simple TCP/IP Port

    We are running W2K Pro workstations and HP Laserjet 4100N printers. Up to a few days ago all these printers were setup with HP JetAdmin ports on the workstations nearest to the printer. I got the bright idea to change those to Simple TCP/IP Port printers and removed the HP JetAdmin ports (left the software on, though). Now a couple of them are having this strange, sporatic problem where they'll send something to print and the printer's display will read READY but in the printer manager it shows up as OFFLINE and the print jobs stack up until the workstation is rebooted. Only happening to a couple of the workstations I changed over. Not all of them... yet. Anyone else ever heard of this? Or know what I could do? My last resort, of course, would be to change them all back to HP JetAdmin ports but I really liked the idea of direct TCP/IP printing. At least until this problem showed up.

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    Re: Simple TCP/IP Port

    I, too, have seen similar activity on my network. Seems I remember diggin in to the cause a year ago and found that the local (client) print spooler went down. Since there is no way to control that process, a reboot is the only way to restart it. But I never found why the spooler would go offline. I can say that I've only seen this with Win9x clients on a NT or 2k server. 2kpro does not have this problem.

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