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    Dos Style Text Box (97 SR2)

    I have a basic idea of how this might be done, but hopefully the insight provided here can give me a good method of solidifying the results.

    What i'd like to do is create a text-box that is regularly fed status updates for a lengthy process. I know that I can disable the scroll bars on a text-box, but my question is, how can I keep the focus on any items currently being added by the process? If I use the following:

    Sub NoteWorthy()
    tbStatusUpdate.value = tbStatusUpdate.value + "Some Added Status Here."
    End Sub

    It'll add tons of stuff to the box, but it drops everything at the bottom, out of visual range. <img src=/S/help.gif border=0 alt=help width=23 height=15>

    <IMG SRC=>
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    Re: Dos Style Text Box (97 SR2)

    Kel, <!post=This thread,184772>This thread<!/post> a while back talked about updating a user form.

    I use something like this in form code to show a bar updating as a lengthy process goes on.
    <pre>Public Sub ProgressIndicator(iPerCent As Integer)
    lbIndicate.Width = iPerCent / 100 * lbFixed.Width

    End Sub

    The incremental changes are launched from the code
    <pre>For i = 1 To ColCount - 1 Step 1
    'use number of columns to update progress message
    ProgressMsg2.ProgressIndicator (i / ColCount) * 100

    As you might guess, the form is called ProgressMsg2
    Is this what you had in mind?

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    Re: Dos Style Text Box (97 SR2)

    Instead of progress charts, you can use the STATUSBAR at the bottom left of excel sheet, to update the user:
    At the beginning of your code have

    <pre>'Store user's current state
    bStatusState = Application.DisplayStatusBar
    'Turn on the indicator
    Application.DisplayStatusBar = True

    During the process within loops or whatever add the line (at whatever interval is desired)
    <pre>'PctDone is Variable you create to calc the percent done.
    Application.StatusBar =format(PctDone, "0.0%") & " Percent Done."

    At the end of the code, reset the STATUSBAR
    <pre>'Turn it off
    Application.StatusBar = False
    Reset to whatever the User had it set on
    Application.DisplayStatusBar = bStatusState


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    Re: Dos Style Text Box (97 SR2)

    Hi Folks

    Found this web link on another post earlier, seems to have working examples of the kind of thing you are discussing:

    Specifically... (16 Nov 1996, 23k, 11041 downloads)
    This file contains a VBA routine to draw a 'modeless' dialog box to the Excel window. The dialog box contains a percentage-complete progress bar, which runs for example while a routine is completing. It works by directly drawing and writing to the Excel window, using Windows API calls. Includes versions for both Excel 5 (using 16-bit API calls) and Excel 7 (using 32-bit calls).

    But there does seem to be lots of good stuff there.


    Edited Mar 13th 2004 to update link

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