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    Total number of pages in a section (Office 2000, W2000 SR-1)

    There are two ways of inserting "page number" and "total number of pages" in a document;
    one with Insert/Page numbers...
    and by using field codes: {PAGE MERGEFORMAT} of {NUMPAGES}

    But how do I get the page number AND the total number of pages in each SECTION of a document??
    I need one section numbered "i of iv" and some other sections numbered each as "1 of "the total number of the pages in that section"

    Can anyone help?



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    Re: Total number of pages in a section (Office 2000, W2000 SR-1)

    The SECTIONPAGES field returns the number of pages in the current section.
    You can have different numbering layouts in different sections by unlinking the header or footer in a section from that in the previous section. To display numbers in lower case roman numerals, add "* roman" (without the quotes) to the field code, for example:
    Page { PAGE * roman } of { SECTIONPAGES * roman } in section { SECTION }

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