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    Word XP save as. . . (part of Office XP)

    I am about to upgrade 17 PCs from Win98 Office 2k to WinXP with OfficeXP.
    We all share documents (saved on SBS2k server)
    I want to ensure we can read each others Word documents whilst transition is taking place.
    I thought if the XP people "saved as . . ." a previous version then this would solve problem.
    However, there are only two likely options (.doc or the one which says Word97 - 2000 - RTF)
    When I selected the latter, it appears to save as .doc anyway. Can anyone explain which I should use and why?
    (I also need to ensure other business users who do not have XP can read things we send them)

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    Re: Word XP save as. . . (part of Office XP)

    I'm running Word XP and routinely share documents with persons running Word 97 and Word 2000, and I save in the default .DOC format. I don't believe there has been an actual file format change since 97, and that caused lots of grief for Microsoft, so they tend to avoid it. One thing that odes appear to have changed is the RTF format for XP, which is why you have the strange looking choice Word97-2000 & 6.0/95 - RTF (*.doc) choice. Do some testing to make sure you don't have a weird document that causes trouble, but our experience indicates it's transparent. Good luck with your conversion.

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