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    Soundblaster Audigy

    I just upgraded to the latest XP drivers for SB Audigy Platinum from the Creative site. My computer has never sounded worse. I'm getting all sorts of pops and scratches coming through my speakers. Heck, sometimes, even a mouse movement causes a feedback type scratch to come through the speakers.

    The quality of my mp3 collection got worse, not better. More pops than ever before.

    Has anyone else encountered such a decline in performance when upgrading to a newer driver?? Wonder how hard it would be to revert to the old driver?
    - Ricky

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    Re: Soundblaster Audigy

    You should be able to roll back to the previous driver with relative ease - XP includes a rollback option in the device properties. Press WINKEY+BREAK, go to the device manager, and open up the properties page for your Audigy. On the driver tab there should be a "roll back driver" button available.

    FWIW I haven't had this problem with my Audigy, but I sure did with my Live! card (the older brother to the Audigy).

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