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    Access is good... what's best to learn next? (2000)

    I've spent considerable time with Microsoft Access and am at the point that I use quite a bit of VBA to enhance it's capabilities. I have learned a lot about SQL while in Access and often build dynamic SQL statements in VBA.

    It seems that everything is heading for the Web - I create an Access applicaiton and perhaps a year later someone else is redeveloping it as a web application. Although Access is a good tool, I feel limited. I've scratched the surface of web development by completing some HTML, InterDev and FrontPage courses/books. My company uses SQL7 and SQL 2000 quite a bit. I'm trying to decide where I should focus my time and energy. I feel that web development and SQL are both important, but want to focus on what will give me the most immediate benefit.

    Does anyone what to share their thoughts about this?



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    Re: Access is good... what's best to learn next? (2000)

    Just my <img src=/S/2cents.gif border=0 alt=2cents width=15 height=15>:
    I don't think web interfaces are going to replace Access any time soon, but they certainly have their place. So I would start learning .NET and in particular ASP.NET and some of the tools that are available with it. But for complex interfaces with nifty things like autocompleting combo boxes and subforms/reports, and speed to burn compared to web interfaces, my view is that Access will be around for several more product cycles. Besides, either it or some other database will be behind most dynamic web pages for some time to come.

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