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    Platform Upgrade (97 SR2)

    One of our IT guys decided to upgrade a user's machine to Windows 2000. (yes, we're a good two years behind here...) My question is, I have the following code running a search for a set of files I have saved to a common network location:

    With Application.FileSearch
    '/Reset the search.
    '/Specify the directory that contains the files you want to process.
    .LookIn = sTargetFolder
    '/Exclude subfolders.
    .SearchSubFolders = False
    '/Specify what types of files you want to find.
    .FileName = csExcelExtension
    '/The Execute command begins the search.
    end with

    For some reason, after the OS upgrade, the code in bold above (.Filename = csExcelExtension) is not recognized, in fact, it comes back with Run-Time Error #5: Invalid Procedure or Argument. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here? We only upgraded the OS, not the office version.

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    Re: Platform Upgrade (97 SR2)


    Might that be a user-defined constant?

    I had a feeling that there was a txt file (or maybe registry settings) into which constants could be defined.

    Or it could have been defined in a Personal.xls- but the installation of Windows 2000 has changed the paths.

    Do you still have a machine where it works? You might be able to trace it better if you did.
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    Re: Platform Upgrade (97 SR2)

    Further to Geoff's question, you wouldn't be confusing argument

    .FileName Read/write String.

    with argument


    by any chance? The MsoFileType constants are: msoFileTypeAllFiles, msoFileTypeBinders, msoFileTypeDatabases, msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks, msoFileTypeOfficeFiles, msoFileTypePowerPointPresentations, msoFileTypeTemplates, or msoFileTypeWordDocuments. The default value is msoFileTypeOfficeFiles. Read/write Variant.

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