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    Bill Arden

    "gosub" in Powerpoint

    Hi -
    I have a group of Powerpoint (PPT) presentations that I want to link together, presumably by hyperlinks. I can go from one to another and back using the hyperlink capability in PPT - that's no problem. But I would like to be able to go to a specific presentation from a number of the other presentations, and have some way of keeping track of which one I came from so I can go back there (conceptually, like a gosub in BASIC - a module you can access from anywhere in the program, and when the module is finished it returns to the line after the one that called it). I can't see how to do this, because it appears that I have to hard-code the links in each presentation - which forces me to return to only one place, no matter where I came from.

    Is there any way to do this?

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    Re: "gosub" in Powerpoint

    When I read your question, the first thing that came to my mind was a playlist, the second was hidden slides and the third a powerpoint show.
    I guess my question in return is why multiple presentations?
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    Re: gosub

    I had something similar (in PowerPoint 97) and found I liked putting all the slides in one file and using the "Action Settings" and then I could use "last slide viewed" or go to a certain slide by title. I hid the slides that I didn't want to play unless someone specifically linked to them.

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    Bill Arden

    Re: gosub

    I think I need to fill in some details of the problem. I have a number of presentations because each one represents a different product in our product line. I want to keep them modular, one presentation per product. I also want to be able to "call" each of these presentations from a number of "top level" overview presentations (each of which takes a different view of the product line) and return to the overview that called it when it's done.

    I can't have them all in one presentation because they're big - each one is over 20 MB (lots of pictures) - and the "Super Presentation" would take forever to load before we started.

    Does that clarify the problem? My workaround is to limit the links so I only call each presentation from one other (so I know in advance where I've got to return to).

    Thanks again,

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    Re: gosub

    Okay I understand about the file size. One more idea. I did a mini test and it worked. Use the hyperlink from the overview to open the product file you want on the page you want it. In the product file, put an action button on that page and use the action settings and select hyperlink to: "end show". It doesn't actually end the master slide show but closes the product file and the overview file should still be running at the page you originally jumped over from. It even let me page forward and back in the second file and use the button later and it worked okay.

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    Bill Arden

    Re: gosub

    Hey, there's a good idea! Thanks - I think that'll work.

    I appreciate your staying with me on this one!


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