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    Save as Previous Version (Access XP (2002))

    I want to save my Access database in Access 97 format. Problem is, when I select Tools>Database Utilities, the only saving option is 'To Current Access Database Version' and it is greyed out.
    The database I am using is in 2000 format. I saved it as an XP database by closing it, and going through the 'save to current database version' and all seemed to work OK, however in trying to save as an Access 97 database, I get the same problem.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Save as Previous Version (Access XP (2002))

    Is there some reason for all this back and forth? It sounds like you've got it to a state now where you can't do much of anything with it.

    Try creating a new database in XP and importing all the objects from the problem database. If that succeeds, try converting the new database to the earlier version.

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