I amcreating a collection of forms that my client will distribute to their clients. We want it to be easy for the final users to send completed forms back to my client, so each form has an "email" button on it that uses ActiveDocument.SendMail to email the form back.
As far as I can find out, the only way to specify the recipient of the email is to use a routing slip, so I have attached routing slips, but I now find that when I attach a routing slip, my email address is hardcoded in as the sender. When I put these docs on someone else's computer the routing slips don't work because the computer doesn't know who john hutchison is.
So my question is : is there a way a specifying the recipient of SendMail that will work when the document is run from some other as yet unspecified computer?

Also I can't assume that the final users will use Outlook as their email program, so I can't try to do it via Outlook objects.
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