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    VLOOKUP & Combobox (Excel 2002)

    I have two columns of data. The first column lists serial numbers that match equipment in the second column. I want to use a drop down list of the serial numbers to provide the lookup_value for a VLOOKUP function to return the equipment name. If I refer to the serial numbers in the first column, I get #NA for the VLOOKUP function. If I substitute letters for the serial numbers the VLOOKUP function works fine. If I enter the serial numbers directly into the lookup_value cell and bypass the drop down list everything works. The only things I'm changing when configuring the combobox are the Linked Cell and ListFillRange. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

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    Re: VLOOKUP & Combobox (Excel 2002)

    I assume that the list fill range is named SerialNumbers, the linked cell is LinkedCell , and the Equipment is in a column name EquipList.
    To use Vllokup make sure you use the "FALSE" parameter to ensure that you find the exact one.

    I think a better way is to NOT use Vlookup:
    Change the "boundcolumn" of the combobox to "0", (it will then link to the row number of the selection)

    =index(EquipList, LinkedCell+1)
    will give the equipment item based on the pulldown you select.


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