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    Filtering Reported Data (97;SR2)

    Is it possible to apply a filter on a report? I have a report that utilizes a query (which has data relating to various departments) which I would like the end result to reflect only one department's information. I really don't want to change the query itself as I use it to generate other reports.


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    Re: Filtering Reported Data (97;SR2)

    You can apply a filter in code.

    In the first place, you might have a form on which the user selects a department, with a command button to open the report. The code in the OnClick event procedure of the command button might look like:
    <pre>DoCmd.OpenReport "rptMyReport", acViewPreview, , "[DeptID] = " & Me.[DeptID]</pre>

    for a numeric DeptID, or
    <pre>DoCmd.OpenReport "rptMyReport", acViewPreview, , "[DeptID] = '" & Me.[DeptID] & "'"</pre>

    for a string DeptID. Of course, you must replace the various names in this instruction by the appropriate ones.

    It is also possible to set a filter when the report is already opened, by setting the Filter and FilterOn properties of the report. Microsoft has a report samples database that demonstrates this. You can download it from ACC97: Microsoft Access 97 Sample Reports Available in Download Center.

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