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    Inserting picture into a form

    Word 2000, SR1

    I have a form document which is protected. However, I want my users to be able to insert a picture into the form. This particular document is 2 columns and has a number of tables. When I try to make one part of the document a new section so it can be unprotected, the formatting of the document becomes completely screwed up.

    The short version of the question is: Is there a way in a protected form to allow Insert, Picture?

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    Re: Inserting picture into a form

    Hi Darryl:

    The short answser is, "yes". The long answer is, the formatting is probably getting screwed up because it may be being applied to the wrong section.

    1. Insert two section breaks. You now have at least 3 sections.
    2. Go to Format/Columns & change that section to one column. Make sure the 'Apply to' box says that section only.
    3. Then, with the cursor in the non protected section, insert your picture.

    Normally, deleting a section break has unexpected results. The section formatting is contained in the section break FOLLOWING the section. If it's the last section in the document, it's contained in the last paragraph mark.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Inserting picture into a form


    Here's an approach which uses an OnExit macro, associated with one of the formfields in the protected form, which gives the user the option to choose to insert a picture at that formfield's location.

    The macro temporarily unprotects the form, displays the Insert Picture dialog to the user, and then reprotects the form. - This one is fun!

    The code for the macro is set out below, and a sample file is also attached.


    <pre>Sub InsertPictureInProtectedForm()
    Dim nResp As Long
    nResp = MsgBox("Do you want to insert a picture here?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Insert Picture?")
    If nResp = vbYes Then
    ActiveDocument.Protect Type:=wdAllowOnlyFormFields, NoReset:=True
    End If
    End Sub

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