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    Merge Fields in E-Mail Subject Line (Word 97 )

    I volunteer for a small church library and want to use the merge features of Word 97 in concert with Outlook Express 5 (I'm doing this at home on an old Win95 machine) to send out overdue notices via e-mail. I've set this up and it works fairly successfully, but the frosting on the cake would be if I could customize the subject line of each outgoing message to pick up the title of the overdue video. Is there a way to do this with the technology I've got -- or am I out of luck?

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    Re: Merge Fields in E-Mail Subject Line (Word 97 )

    The Word email merge function specifies the subject line at the time you start the merge, so I'm afraid you out of luck with that approach. It would be possible to do it using Automation, but you would need to get your people/email info in a different fashion. In addition, I don't believe Outlook Express has much of an exposed object model to work with. Sorry to not be more encouraging.

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