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    Activities Tab (XP 2002)

    I need to know how to make activities show up in all employee's Outlook. When you set them in the public folders.
    Example : I have a public list of contacts............. One person makes an appointment with a contact.................... another sets a time for a meeting.............
    How do you get that to work so that every body is getting updated info?

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    Re: Activities Tab (XP 2002)

    You have to have owner rights to the folder to do this. Right click on the contacts folder and choose properties. Select the activities tab. Click the new button, then scroll through the list of folders, checking off the folders to include in the scan for activities.

    This works best when you just scan calendar folders - and then just those in public folders. Scanning individuals' folders gets ugly fast. (I'm not even sure it works in OLXP). We've found that the team folder interface works best for the users when they have this kind of application. Also, lists some inexpensive contact management solutions that do a much better job of integrating the different folders than the "raw" solutions. You might want to take a look.

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