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    XP Exploit (XPP)

    If this has been posted before I missed it. Article below is from Gibson Research Corporation.

    What is going on?
    Ever since its release, Windows XP has contained a critical flaw that could be trivially exploited at any time by any malicious hacker. By causing any Windows XP system to process a specially-formed URL (web-style link), the XP system would obediently delete all or most of the files within any specified directory. (That's not good.)
    This flaw is considered critical because these malicious URLs could be delivered to any XP user through any means: via an eMail solicitation, a chat room, a newsgroup posting, a malicious web page, or even processed automatically without the user clicking anything by merely visiting a malicious web page. (That's bad.)

    Check out the entire article and a fix here. GRC
    H Lewton

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    Re: XP Exploit (XPP)

    This is yet another advert for XPdite . The issue is fixed in SP1. See <post#=178801>post 178801</post#>, <post#=180858>post 180858</post#>, <post#=185521>post 185521</post#>, <post#=186538>post 186538</post#> et al...


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