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    Differences? (Access '97)

    What is the difference between a table's datasheet view and a form's datasheet view ? I thought I had all my data showing in my table, but it was my form's datasheet view I was looking at. My form's datasheet view shows the entire data, but not in the table's datasheet view. How can I get both to display the same data? Some of the fields are actually other fields in some mathematical form - these are the ones not showing in the table's datasheet view. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Differences? (Access '97)

    In the design view of a form, you can create text boxes that are not bound to a field, but have an expression (formula) as control source. These text boxes will show up as extra columns in datasheet view.

    Another difference is that you can have code behind a form, not behind a table.

    Note: I don't like forms in datasheet view; users have too many opportunities to mess with column widths, hiding columns etc. If I want to display several records at a time, I use a continuous form.

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