Did so well on my other post about defragging, thought I would give this one a whirl.

My XP Pro (patched pretty currently with Windows update, but NOT SP1 as of yet) doesn't really crash, per se, but does do the following, which requires a reboot to clear (so its as bad as a crash).

I will be navigating to a folder on my server, and the folder itself will start "not responding" according to Task Manager. I use TM to end the browsing of that folder, and then some of the following weirdness ensures in my workstation - the tray area icons get messed up (one gets a red X through it, altho right-clicking the icon reveals it to be apparently still functional), another icon disappears completely from the tray area (althou launching it from the start menu is still possible), and the "hide" settings for the tray area are all gone or screwed up.

As I say, only a reboot can clear this all up. Any ideas on how to go about trying to isolate what's going wrong?

Many TIA.