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    Promote/Demote If/Then (Word97/2000)

    In my template, I created toolbar buttons that assign Outline Heading Levels. But before it can assign an outline level, it must first check to see if has a specific style has already been assigned to it(retired). If the (retired) style has been applied, then a message box appears (not able to modify). If (retired) style is not associated, then it will apply the new heading level. Also on my toolbar, I have placed MSO's Promote/Demote & Moveup/Down. If the "retired" style is applied, the Promote/Demote just doesn't work (which is fine, though I'd like a frmBox to pop up), but my main concern is that the Move Up/Down button still works. NOTE: this refers to the SLC_Requirements Toolbar attached to the template)

    Will I need to create my own Promote/Demote & Moveup/Down? If so, Any suggestions?

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    Re: Promote/Demote If/Then (Word97/2000)

    You just need simple Macros with lines like

    Selection.Range.Relocate wdRelocateUp
    Selection.Range.Relocate wdRelocateDown

    Assign these one line Macros to toolbar buttons and copy the images from the Outline toolbar buttons to your ones.

    You may want a little error checking to ensure you don't try to move the first paragraph up, the last one down, promote a level 1 heading, or demote a level 9 heading.


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