Just ran into a really weird interaction between Outlook and a custom program I wrote. I recently upgraded my machine to a screaming fast 2.2GHz job from Dell, and it came with Office XP SP1 installed. I've got a small monitoring application I wrote in Visual Basic 6 that read a 4-line text file off each of 20 machines on our network, then displays the file contents in a list box. On my old machine, I got the results back almost immediately. On the new box, results take 5-10 seconds to return. I accidentally discovered that if Outlook isn't running on the new box, my app is just as fast as it was on the old one (which had Office 2000 SR-1 installed). The behavior is highly repeatable, which leads me to blame Outlook for messing things up when it's running. ('Course, I like blaming Microsoft for everything bad, anyway <g>)

Anybody seen any thing similar?