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    Tracking computer use (XP02)

    Hi, I monitor a computer lab. We want to track the usage, no names just a general count of students and what they are doing. Is there a way to make students fill in a survey form before they can log in? I could check the computers once a week then. Any ideas? TIA, Tammy

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    Re: Tracking computer use (XP02)

    Consider to use audit policy to record events you are interested in.

    Windows XP can record a range of event types, from a system-wide event such as a user logging on, to an attempt by a particular user to read a specific file. Both successful and unsuccessful attempts to perform an action can be recorded.

    You use the audit policy to select the types of security events to be audited. When such an event occurs, an entry is added to the computer's security log. You use Event Viewer to view the security log.

    Because the security log is limited in size, select the events to be audited carefully, and consider the amount of disk space you are willing to devote to the security log. The maximum size of the security log is defined in Event Viewer.

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