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    Networking performance

    One of the PCs on my small network is suddenly having trouble browsing the network, e.g..

    1. when trying to click a shortcut to a folder on a mapped network drive, we will get errors such as this:
    "Error occurred while reconnecting E to //Server//Winword Microsoft Windows Network:Local device name is already in use.
    This connection has not been restored."
    "cannot find folder windows/clients" etc.
    2. accessing programs whose data resides on the server will also occasionally lead to network issues, such as this
    "The installation file TIMESLIPS.CFG needs to be located before continuing. this folder will be on your network.
    It is possible that your network drive is not accessible at this time" (and so on)
    3. we use Realpopup (a hopped-up version of winpopup) as an IM/chat client, messages to and from this PC are at least 3 or 4 times slower to get thru than anyone else on the network.
    4. If you view mapped drives on this PC's My computer, red x's will appear off and on, suggesting the network connections are balky.

    PC is running Win2k pro SP2, server is WinNT 4 SP3, all other PC's on network are either Win2k pro SP2 or XP Pro, the problem PC has trouble/slowness accessing anything on any of the other PC's on the network.

    I tried the most obvious things I could think of, checked that network cable was secure, replaced with a new cat-5 cable, checked the NIC in device manager, etc. Everything checks out and the problem remains.

    What are the next steps in trying to troubleshoot this?

    Many TIA

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    Re: Networking performance

    I may get jumped all over for this, but hey, it's how I do it.
    First I would try removing all network connection information from your protocol (TCP/IP?) to the Network card. after this is complete reboot and reinstall the NIC (the drivers should still be on the PC). Finally resetup all of the protocol information. This is a little time consuming but has resolved this issue about 75% of the time for me. Of course I mean after I had done what you are suggesting that your have, new cables, tight plugs, newest NIC driver...

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