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    Personal.xls File in XLStart Folder (Excel 97)

    I have created macros (in the personal.xls file of the XLStart folder) which are automatically loaded every time I start Excel, without having to asking me to enable/disable them.
    I have since placed this file in the XLstart folders of all my collegues. However, when I need to change any of the macros, I have to re-copy the personal.xls file in all my collegues' XLstart folders.

    Is there a options/preferences setting in excel that I can change to allow all users to point the personal.xls file one common location?
    (i.e. network drive location accessed by all my collegues)


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    Re: Personal.xls File in XLStart Folder (Excel 97)

    Select Options from the Tools menu and click on the General tab. Put the path to the folder in the "Alternate startup file location" text box.
    Legare Coleman

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