Every time I start Outlook, I get a message that says "E:Program Files....VirusScanScanemal.dll could not be found or loaded..." This resulted from having to remove, then re-install VirusScan onto a different hard drive. Everything else seems to work fine with Outlook.

Problem 1: The VirusScan support people tell me I need to remove & re-install Outlook, however MS Office 97 won't seem to let me do that. In the setup program, I'm asked to check boxes for items I want to add and clear boxes for Items I want to remove. I have tried this several times, but Outlook remains loaded and working. Is there another sensible way to remove Outlook 97?

Problem 2: Maybe I don't need to remove Outlook if there is a way to tell Outlook where the VirusScan files are located. Is there an MS Office 97 setting that will allow me to do that?