Thanks for the tips. I tried a reformat although I actually only reformatted Drive C (I have 3 partitions) as I did Format C: I'm not sure how to get the whole thing done. Again I was able to install Windows 98 with no problem. It also let me install Microsoft Office with no problem and both seem to be running. I still couldn't install my Printer Software or my Quicken 2001Financial program. I also have a TV tuner/capture card I forgot to mention and it's software also will not install. I'm thinking maybe too many things are assigned the same IRQ but Idon't see any conflicts noted. I did reset the Bios first to Defaults, then Optimized Defaults but no luck with the Printer. My new plan is to remove the TV Tuner Card, remove the 2.0 USB Port card and reformat the whole drive and start from the beginning for the 3rd time! I suppose I have to use Partition Commander to get back to a single partition. By the way, I also was able to install AOL 7.0 but - of course - it couldn't find a modem. System,devices, and control panel, modem, says it's there and working (Lucent 56K etc.) so I don't know what gives. If the new reformat doesn't do the trip I'm going to have to start thinking about a new motherboard. Something is seriously out of whack. The trip is that I've been installing and maintaining about 8 new and 8 old computers at work and when everything is just about peachy - my home computer goes nuts! What a life!