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    Adding a row automatically (2000)

    OK-here is a sticky problem. I currently purchase future contracts for the next 12 calendar months (let's assume January-December). I purchase these daily from several (>15) different suppliers, each one at a different price, and a different price each day. I have a workbook set up with 13 worksheets, one corresponding to the twelve months, and a summary page (utilizing the indirect function) providing a summary both by month by supplier, and by supplier, by month (I have to have it set up like this for risk management purposes). What I would like to make sure of is that if I add a new supplier in any given month, the summary sheet will pick it up as well.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Adding a row automatically (2000)

    Some options:
    1) Pivot Table combining different sheets
    2) using the function MATCH (or Vlookkup) to check each name agains the summary
    3) get rid of of multiple sheets and combine them all into one sheet Just add an extra column for the date, You only need a datasheet and summary sheet.

    Method 3 is much easier to manipulate the data for summary (pivot table, adv filter, autofilter, tables, sumifs, array formulas, etc) since you only have 1 record set to manipulate.


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