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    Word page field switches (2000)

    I am preparing a document, in the appendices of which existing documents in hard copy format will be inserted between cover pages. How can I instruct the page field of the next cover page to leap over the # of pages of the document-appendix to be inserted in the final hard-print copy between the 2 cover pages? For instance: let the # of the 1st cover page be 110; the appendix to be inserted contains 25 pages; the page # of the following cover page should than read 136 instead of 111!

    Thanks, James

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    Re: Word page field switches (2000)

    Two options...

    Make sure that your page 136 is preceded by a section break.
    Use Insert > Page Numbers > Format... to specify a starting page number of 136

    The drawback is that you have to modify this starting page number any time you edit the document.

    If you are only going to use the page numbers in the header/footer and don't need them for Table of Contents, Indexes or cross references
    Use { = 25 + { PAGE } } to display the required page number ( the { and } characters are inserted using Control-F9)


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