I would appreciate any help to remove this small annoyance
I copied my old PST from a freestanding machine to my new corporate desktop
Worked fine, kept all my settings, addresses, mail, etc
OnlY thing is an old add-in which isnt present on my new machine
Prior version included MS Small Business Customer Manager and a (com?) add in that synced this info between Outlook and SBCM
New corporate PC doesnt have SBCM which is fine cause it was useless anyway
Trouble is that now every time Outlook starts it comes up with an error message saying "{template path}[path to SBCM.dll]" is not a valid office add-in
How do i get rid of this error message
I have tried Options/other/advanced options/ com add ins but there is nothing there
my PC is locked down so i cant edit the registry
Is there any other way to get rid of this rubbish?
Any advice accepted and appreciated