OK. I am making progress. 1) I was able to uninstall the corrupted Quicken file with Clean Sweep while in safe mode and was able to reload Quicken normally and it seems to be ok. 2) I used Norton Utilities todo a diagnostic andsurface scan of my partitioned drives and it found one bad sector or 491Kbs that were bad! (491,000 bytes). I believe it was only one sector from the Map. 3) I also let Norton diaagnose and fix any problems it found -there were a bunch -67 to be exact. There were 4 or5 it could not fix, all Active X issues. It is possible that I may still have to start over to get clean installs in everything but I want to see what can be fixed tofind out what caused the problem in the first place. So -some questions that maybe one ortwo of you can answer before I have to reformat again.
1) Is it likely that the one bad sector or sectors were the main problem and should I return that hard drive and start over. 2) How does one fix Active X problems? - download from the Microsft site. What do you think.