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    Wierd Outlook Printing (2000-2002)

    This is a screwey one.
    Random users receiving attachments in plain text, rtf, and HTML formats cannot print the attachments without opening them in their respective programs and/or saving them to a drive first. This includes programs other than MS Office apps. It worked for these users and the next thing, now it doesn't. And we have been unsuccessful in replicating the issue with these users as everything we have tried doesn't work.
    -Recreated Outlook profiles
    -Ran Detect and Repair on Office
    - Reinstalled Outlook 2000
    -Upgraded them to OL2002

    Nothing seems to fix this. Anyone have any ideas??

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    Re: Wierd Outlook Printing (2000-2002)

    We had a similar problem, though only related to HTML mail. It turned out to be a printer driver problem. HP had a patch that solved the problem. (Sorry I can't provide more info. but our printers are handled by a different group.) Might be worth a look.

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