I have a dell laptop running nt4 sp6a. One of the installed drivers is the bay manager, which allows hotswaps between the floppy and CD without rebooting. Good. There is a PCMCIA network card. Handy. Oh, and PCMCIA card controller.

If I log on to the machine and that logon involves logging onto our network server, the bay manager crashes. Not so good.
This ONLY happens when I connect to the server during startup. If I am connected to any old IP network, it all works fine.

I am wondering, this seems to be a problem that if the Bay manager could start first, and then worry about the network, everything would work at once.
Is there a way I can inspect and change the order in which these drivers start, or any other suggestions as to what could be done to impprove the situation?

ps all drivers / software are latest release and properly installed.
pps have tried dell tech support