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    Inbox number (OL 98 Exchange 5.5)

    I have two queries.
    1. Inbox is showing that I have new 2 unopened messages but when I go to look there is only 1 visible.

    2. I have set up OOO for a member of staff to say that he has just become a dad and will be out of the office. The only problem is when people send me a mail they get the same message (im female) any ideas to get round this.

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    Re: Inbox number (OL 98 Exchange 5.5)

    I haven't found a solution to item #1 on OL98.

    On item #2, were you logged onto that person's account when you set up out of office? Sometimes it's not easy to tell, but in OL you can display the folders list, (View Menu | Folders) and the parent folder will tell you the account.

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