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    Mail Merge (Access 2000)

    Yikes! I went to a wonderful seminar for Access a couple of weeks ago. I learned a lot new things about Access, one of which is, using the mail merg feature.

    I set up an introduction letter for our Sales Representatives here at work. It was working great until I went to print my second batch of letters. The first batch keeps coming up.

    I have the query set up with check boxes.
    Yes - Send An Introduction Letter
    Yes - Introduction Sent.

    The query condition is Send = Yes AND Sent = No.

    Any advise you can give will greatly be appreciated.

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    Re: Mail Merge (Access 2000)

    Questions:<UL><LI>Are you doing the merge in Word with Access as the data source?
    <LI>Is the query the data source for your merge?
    <LI>Have you run an update query to change the Introduction Sent field to YES for the first batch?[/list]Hopefully one of those questions will help to resolve your problem - if not please post more details and we will try our best to help.

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